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Raising Awareness about Childhood Obesity in Kuwait

Along with its partners, SAHA Institute launched Heya, a multidimensional media campaign to raise awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic in Kuwait and the EPODE methodology, one of the most successful obesity prevention programs…find out more


About SAHA Institute

Our Mission

To promote equitable, efficient and sustainable health systems through research, education, advocacy, evidence-informed policies and strategic partnerships in the field of global health policy.

SAHA Institute is an innovative, independent and non-partisan health policy think-and-do tank serving the Arab World. It is built by regional experts to provide local solutions to global problems.

SAHA Institute is a value and impact-driven institution that targets change at the policy and population level as a primary outcome measure.

SAHA Institute works at all levels to address important public health challenges in the Arab World.

SAHA Institute is a change agent; it is the bridge between global evidence and local action.

At SAHA Institute, we believe in:

  • equitable access to health care for all
  • cost-effective health financing
  • human rights in health
  • evidence-informed policy-making
  • scientists as advocates
  • public health education & training
  • health, environmental & educational systems strengthening


  • At the macro level, we investigate key policy issues through an interdisciplinary approach, perform dynamic stakeholder analyses and collaborate with local policy-makers to formulate and implement sustainable and equitable developments in the region’s health systems.
  • At the micro level, the founders capitalize on years of clinical experience working in the top health care institutions and the latest developments in medical care and administration to offer comprehensive, evidence-informed strategies to improve institutional workflow, patient care and safety, customer satisfaction and health care quality.
  • While promoting standards set by leading global health and medical institutions, SAHA Institute aims to advance the field of public health policy through scientific research, education and training, advocacy and strategic partnerships with global health organizations and regional stakeholders to develop meaningful policy interventions. Being firm believers in the social return on investment (SROI), we make a promise to dedicate all our efforts to maximize social impact.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading, most innovative and adaptive source of Middle Eastern health policy expertise and change.

Our Services

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Develop an evidence-base for decision-making and track the value of your investments through rigorous monitoring and evaluation methods. We provide consultancy services in the area of public health research needs assessments and strategies, including methodology, protocol development and implementation.

Clinical Practice Development

Develop clinical programs, protocols, and policies in a wide range of specialties with an emphasis on psychiatry, emergency medicine, disaster medicine and public health preparedness, medical toxicology and public health. We assess needs and provide the know-how, you lead the way with state-of-the-art and innovative health services.

Policy Development & Implementation

Analyze and optimize health systems. We perform diagnostics at the health system level and provide evidence-informed solutions in financing, regulation, organization, payment and behavior.

Social Marketing & Advocacy

Analyze social and cultural determinants, design and implement effective campaigns that have a measurable and sustainable impact. With our social marketing partners, we support important causes through cost-effective, culturally-sensitive media programs.

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